PIM Lets Your IT Team Get on with IT

Product information can be a huge headache for IT professionals, which is why PIM for IT teams takes the burden off. This especially applies to those working with retailers and distributors! For operations to run smoothly, it’s essential to ensure all systems across your organization are using product information that’s totally accurate. By creating a single source of accurate, high-quality product information, you remove the huge technology burden of managing this data across disparate and disconnected systems.


Integration with existing systems

When thinking about bringing in a new system, you need a platform that’s going to play nicely with your legacy systems. Choosing wisely can help to vastly reduce integration costs. Secondly, It will also prevent much of the disruption to your business that normally comes with big IT projects. PIM systems can integrate with all your existing systems, such as ERP and eCommerce platforms. This integration is especially important for businesses to benefit from high-quality and accurate data that you can manage with PIM.

Benefit focused

Product information is vital to the daily operations of departments like marketing, merchandising, product management and eCommerce. Your IT infrastructure supports all these business areas. Managing it more efficiently creates tangible benefits across all departments. Therefore, PIM contributes to the overall efficiency of the business technology strategy. Powerful automation within a PIM system allows information to pass between departments seamlessly. This means your processes can run smoothly without your IT teams having to intervene.

A platform you can trust

Stability and security are understandably some of the most prevalent concerns of IT professionals. You need a platform that’s going to minimize operational and commercial risks to your business. PIM systems provide a single repository of information. Asa result, you can reduce the risk that data will be inaccurate or incomplete. This minimizes the number of systems to secure and maintain.

Cloud is the future

Cloud-based software isn’t the new kid on the block anymore; it’s everywhere, and it’s here to stay. Working in the cloud makes collaboration across departments, companies and even whole supply chains simple and intuitive. You can also be confident in the security of your information. Services like AWS give power, scale, security and global reach to all kinds of software. PIM is no different, with cloud-based platforms providing the fastest, safest and most accessible options on the market.

In a time when the ‘digital transformation’ of all varieties of businesses is a hot topic, PIM for IT teams is as important as ever. For companies dealing with large amounts of product information, keeping it under control in using traditional platforms is simply unrealistic. PIM brings these processes right up to date. Creating the same standard for product information that companies already have for their financial or customer information.

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