How to Make Product Demo Videos

Everybody has at some point in their lives conducted a product demo. However, there are instances in which a professionally produced product demo video is required. In any case, you must adhere to specific guidelines and utilize specialized equipment if you are not making demo videos as a pastime. This post will go over how to make a product demo that looks professional from the beginning, even if you’ve never done it before.

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How to make product demo videos

A strong product demo film explains not just what your product does, but also reasons and how it benefits every single one of your consumers. The goal is to captivate and gain the trust of your target audience while increasing views and revenue in the process. Now that you have this inspiration list and a thorough tutorial, you can easily create product demo videos that wow viewers.

If you’re looking to take your editing skills beyond the fundamentals you just learned, have a look at our recommendations for adding cool effects to your videos to make them more interesting.

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Best product demo videos

A product demonstration film, to put it briefly, uses real-world footage to demonstrate how your product functions. A product demo film provides a visual representation of your product in use, allowing viewers to imagine what using it will be like. This can be a powerful technique to explain to potential buyers the benefits of your offering and encourage them to buy.

Product demo videos are really among the most widely watched categories of instructional videos online and for good reason! Additionally, creating product demo videos is a skill that will come in handy in a variety of fields and occupations, possibly even all of them!

Furthermore, anyone can make a fantastic demo video without having to be a professional in videography! You can easily produce a remarkable film that highlights the whole capabilities of your product if you have the appropriate equipment and put some thought into your preparation.

How to create product demo video

Here are some of the best ways to create a product demo video:

Determine Your Targeted Audience

Making your film with your intended audience in mind is crucial first. For instance, you should make sure that your video has hip, excellent background music if you’re trying to sell musicians a product (like speakers).

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Determine Your Video Type

Looking over the aforementioned samples is highly recommended as it will help you determine the appropriate kind of video to use depending on the kind of product you are showcasing. You could choose an animated, live-action, screencast, talking head, or product demo video.

 Create a Video Script

You will undoubtedly need to practice when making a product demo video, or any kind of video for that matter. A script acts as a road map for the direction or trip you want to take the audience on. That being stated, the format of the script varies depending on the kind of video you’re producing.

Create Your Video

The most fun aspect comes next: making the video! Securing the best product demo video program to handle the laborious work for you is the only significant factor to take into account. There are a ton of fantastic tools available on the market right now for these uses.

Product demo video examples

Product demo video examples are short films that highlight the salient features of a good or service for a prospective client. These movies provide brands with a novel and captivating method to present their goods or services.

They’ve evolved into a dependable substitute for the conventional video commercial thanks to their use of strong imagery, imaginative animation, and gripping narration. They also offer an efficient way to convey the unique advantages of a product. And they have a ton of fascinating and diverse methods to accomplish it.

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Create a product demo video

Here are some very potential and creative ideas to create your product demo video that can stand out:

Show Various Uses of Your Product

Demonstrating the product’s various uses is one way to add creativity to your product demo film. While it’s simple to record the product in operation in a single location, exhibiting a range of use cases allows you to reach a wider audience of potential customers.

Highlight Your Product Solutions

If you want to demonstrate the variety of uses for your product, this is the ideal concept for a demo video. One of your product’s main selling points might make it popular, but you can highlight all of its advantages by creating a video presentation like this one.

Feature Real Customers

The curiosity of your audience will be piqued when they witness clients using your goods or services. They will be inspired to continue watching to discover more about your business and develop trust in your offering. Videos of this type serve as a link between user-generated content and testimonials.

Product demo video guide

There are significant factors to include in your product demo video guide, some of which are mentioned below:

Describe Your Product Well

Provide a brief overview of the functions of your product. Recall that the people watching your video are already interested in purchasing your goods; otherwise, they wouldn’t be there!

Show How The Product Works

Without a demo, a video demo wouldn’t be a demo. You don’t have to walk viewers through every step of using the product in your demo video. It’s usually preferable to provide the more complex information in a tutorial video. However, if the product you are working with is complex, you may want to think about making several demo movies that cover various features and applications.

Provide a Clear CTA

Make sure to present your audience with a clear and precise next step after your demo video. A button that says “Start a Trial,” “Request More Information,” or even “Buy Now” can be your very basic call to action. The best CTAs are straightforward to understand.

Top product demo videos

Here are some of the most crucial steps to follow when you want to make the top product demo videos:

Define Your Video Goal

Clearly stating your motivation for making the film is the most crucial stage in this procedure. Is the goal to boost sales, expand the product’s market, or possibly raise awareness of the brand? Furthermore, what particular issue is resolved by your software? Do you want to show off how your software can increase customer interaction, boost productivity, or streamline operations? Your demo should not only highlight features; it should also address a specific problem.

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Plan Your Video Budget

Most video-making apps have every capability you need to capture both your webcam and screen. Now depending on the kind of video you want to make, you might want to think about small costs. For example, you might need to pay anybody to draft a script for you. If you want to make an animated product demo video, you might also want to set aside money for bespoke visuals—a modest expenditure for video distribution, particularly if you intend to employ advertising channels.

Market Your Product Demo Video

To reach a wide audience, make sure your product demo video contains the appropriate titles, labels, descriptions, and even hashtags, depending on where you publish it. Additionally, you might want to spread the word about your movie on various channels, particularly social media, so that people see it on their timelines. By using this strategy, you can make sure that more people discover and watch it, increasing your visibility and revenue.

Crafting effective product demos

A product demonstration film serves as both an excellent sales tool and an educational resource. It has numerous advantages, such as:

Increased Sales

Your sales can soar with demo videos! More than 50% of internet users search for product-related videos before making a purchase. Therefore, if you work in the software industry, a demo video might be your greatest asset.

Highlighted Product Features

The selling points of a lot of products are frequently their features. A demo offers a unique opportunity to highlight these characteristics interestingly and educationally.

Increased Web Traffic

Viewers are more inclined to visit your website to find out more after seeing the demo video’s demonstration of your software’s capabilities. In addition to improving your site’s search engine rating, this additional web traffic offers greater chances for generating leads and client conversion.

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Product demo video best practices

Mentioned below are some of the best practices to consider when making a product demo video:

Create a Good Show

It’s preferable to demonstrate your product’s features to your audience rather than giving a rundown of them. Stories and images captivate people more naturally because they allow for greater interpretation.

Choose Good Setting

If your lighting is “off,” you will not only make your product appear duller and less enticing, but you will also lessen the mood and ambiance that are necessary to convey the significance of the product. The environment, which closely coordinates with the lighting, is another important factor in creating the mood and ambiance of the product.

Rehearse As Much As You Can

Being as convincing as you can is what you aim to achieve with your product demo video presentation. But if you’re winging it, you’ll inevitably stumble, hesitate, and second-guess yourself. These spoken cues have the power to significantly damage the audience’s opinion of your offering. Writing and practicing a script is therefore one of the most crucial aspects of producing a demo video.

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Product Demonstration Video Examples

Here are the top product demonstration video examples to look forward to:


Hexclad shows countless meal options that can be cooked in their pans right off the bath. The product descriptions are delivered clearly by a trusted brand voice – none other than celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey. They use a quick. to-the-point video that walks you through each benefit of the pans so you can easily make a case for the purchase if you operate in the kitchen often.

Oral B

They produced a video product demo to demonstrate the product’s functionality to people who may be seeking to make an investment in better dental hygiene. Close-ups of the brush bristles, a description of the products’s technology, and even animation are included in the explanatory movie to make what separates the brush from others easier to understand.


Great transitions are used in the product demo video to display screenshots of the platform’s functionality. Additionally, it offers a clear narration that highlights the key aspects for teams searching for a comprehensive organizational solution. The video is also eye-catching and has a confident, relaxed tone. This brief product demonstration video gets right to the point (with some excellent musical backing)