The Ultimate Guide to Automating Product Data (Spec) Sheets

When creating new product data sheets or updating existing ones, you have to ensure that all of the relevant information is correct and easily accessible for the customer. Fortunately, modern PIMs are able to entirely automate the creation of these sheets, entirely revolutionizing the process.

Top brands are automating their product data sheets (or spec & sell sheets) to speed up their time to market and save their teams time and energy. With the right PIM, the process is always reliably consistent – no matter how complex or detailed the product.

This whitepaper sheds light on the challenges of managing disparate product data sources and highlights the importance of automation of product data sheets and centralization.

We walk through how using the right automation strategy can:

  • Break down the walls of data silos
  • Improve decision-making across departments
  • Enhance customer experiences with reliably up-to-date product information

Our goal is to illustrate how you and your team can accomplish these steps easily by utilizing the right modern PIM solution. We’d like you to walk away with a firm understanding of the benefits of automating these sheets and why the modern PIM can complete the process adeptly.

~ 25 min read (circa 10,000 words)

Access The Ultimate Guide to Automating Product Data (Spec) Sheets whitepaper for free now:

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Control and oversight

Increase customer loyalty

Create a source of truth

Reduce time-to-market

Improve collaboration

Move away from disparate data sources

Managing product data is not easy, especially when you have a high volume of data. At times, new marketplaces might have specific formatting requirements, which makes it impossible to manage using PDFs.

Avoid human error

Manually entering product specifications in files and across different platforms leaves room for human error, even if you have the most astute team members.

Make the leap from legacy to modern

Many companies have Product Information Management (PIM) systems that are quite outdated. While these systems have basic functionalities, they do not offer automation options for the modern eCommerce business.

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Automating product data sheets is a stellar way to improve processes in your eCommerce efforts. Before the modern PIM, brands were left to manually creating/updating product data sheets and having to double or triple-check their validity before publishing. Modern Product Information Management (PIM) platforms give you complete flexibility with your product data with their automation capabilities. Consistently deliver the highest quality online experiences to your customers by always providing up-to-date, correct information. As a result, you’ll see higher conversions across your sales channels, as well as higher Average Order Values and reduced return rates.

Access the whitepaper to uncover how you can leverage your product data sheets to drive real results!

Access The Ultimate Guide to Automating Product Data (Spec) Sheets whitepaper for free now: