eBook: Creating the Perfect Online Customer Experience

We’re passionate about enabling our customers to create and improve the online customer experience. So we spoke to online shoppers to get their thoughts on what the perfect online retail experience looks like.

Full of insights on how to use digital touchpoints to engage customers at every stage of the buyer journey:

  • Online customer journey management from the awareness stage right through the decision stage
  • An overview of how customers interact with your brand as they move through the circular buyer journey
  • The key pieces of product content customers want to see as they move through the online buyer journey to maximize your conversions
  • Post-purchase considerations, including the product information customers want to see to get the most from their online purchases

~15 min read (circa 4000 words)

Drive product discovery & demand

Increase your online sales

Boost customer loyalty

Drive more organic traffic

Sharpen your competitive edge

What is the circular online buyer journey?

Understand the different customer touchpoints in the online buyer journey. Then, gain actionable insights on the types of product content you can provide at every stage to ensure optimal conversions.

How can you drive product discovery and demand?

Rich and high-quality product data is key in ensuring your customers find your products across all digital channels. In other words, ensure your product information is rich and optimized to ensure your products get surfaced in SERPs.

Improving online customer experience in eCommerce

The quality of your product data ultimately determines the quality of the customer experience. Rich product descriptions and digital assets enable you to replicate the in-store experience and give your customers the confidence to hit “buy now”.