Report: eTail Headless Commerce

100 top eComm Execs share their experiences

Pimberly has teamed up with World Business Research to commission a survey of eComm Executives in the US to understand how they are embracing headless eCommerce, where they have deployed it, the challenges and what areas they will be looking to do next.

Headless commerce has drastically changed eCommerce by allowing businesses to create an online presence without having to rely on a traditional web-based storefront. Instead, websites and applications can be powered by APIs that enable data like product information and prices to be distributed across channels like mobile apps, voice assistants, and conversational chatbots. 

This makes it much easier for businesses to launch new products and services quickly and optimize their marketing strategies based on real-time customer feedback. Nonetheless, not every organization is leveraging headless commerce to its full potential. 

This report will explore how eCommerce retailers are currently using headless commerce and what challenges they face in optimizing their font-end digital strategy. 

Download PDF: eTail Headless Commerce Survey

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