Top Practical Ways Brands Can Leverage AI in eCommerce

One of the emerging technologies eCommerce professionals are leveraging today is the highly controversial but far less-scary-than-it-seems idea of AI (Artificial Intelligence). But how that AI is used in eCommerce is a big question many C-suites struggle with today.

If you are starting to explore the possibilities of AI  further, but can’t find a matter-of-fact resource, this guide makes AI more approachable.

In this research paper, you’ll learn:

  • The many benefits of taking the leap – including AI-generated product descriptions
  • How it works with the help of machine learning (ML)
  • Why it’s essential to find practical uses for AI to remain competitive in eCommerce

Access the research paper now to further your AI fluency. It’s a ~25 min read (circa 8000 words) so grab a coffee, get comfortable, and enjoy.

image of copy ai on computer

Automate tedious processes

Beat competitors to market

Rapidly improve eCommerce sales

Generate potent product descriptions

Pull product data from images

Why is AI becoming essential for modern eCommerce tech stacks?

The growth of eCommerce is calling for next generation solutions that enhance processes around your products. Today, the prime level of automation available can only reach that next level with built-in AI functionality.

How exactly can B2B and B2C retailers utilize AI?

AI is your product attribute secret weapon, instantly sourcing and leveraging reliable sources to unravel complicated product information. You can automate spec and sell sheets, reach diverse marketplaces, and remain a brand people rely on and trust.

How does AI create stellar eCommerce experiences?

AI can save eCommerce and creative teams significant time. A modern, AI-powered PIM, for example. can automatically generate unique product descriptions. Additionally, you can pull even the most complex attributes from images through Image Recognition.

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This is the go-to place to discover practical ways to leverage AI in eCommerce, specifically in managing your product information.

Even if you might be a little too far removed from the trenches to understand the challenges product information management (PIM) poses for your eCommerce and Digital Marketing teams, you play a significant role in enabling your team to improve customer experiences.

And that’s where AI can help.

Access the whitepaper now: