etail boston 22

eTail Boston 2022

The eCommerce & Omnichannel Conference

“eTail is one of the best conferences for digital commerce context, supplier meetings and retailer networking. The opportunities for learning and making great connections abound.”

We’ll be exhibiting at booth 613 to expand on how you can leverage your product data for further eCommerce success. With key customers in the fashion and apparel space, we’re excited to meet other like-minded experts to showcase the power of PIM!

Make sure to register your space and come stop by!

Key sessions we’re looking forward to:

Day 1, August 8th:

  • 8:50am – Keynote Panel Remix: Creating a Customer-Focused Retention Strategy
  • 3:40pm – Email Deliverability and Engagement: Getting Customers to Open and Click Through

Day 2, August 9th:

  • 8:05am – Keynote Presentation: Accelerating Technology Innovation For Tomorrow’s Retail Customer
  • 8:40am – Fireside Chat: How to Listen to, Build, and Celebrate Your Brand Community
  • 2:50pm – Panel Discussion Remix: Delivering The Best Possible Omnichannel Experience For Your Customers

Day 3, August 10th:

  • 8:45am – Keynote Panel Discussion: Gaining a Holistic View of eCommerce Leadership In Today’s Market
  • 2:05pm – Fireside Chat: Getting The Most Out of Your Brand Partnerships