eCommerce KPIs and the Buyer Journey

Delivering online experiences that keep customers engaged throughout their buyer journey will positively impact the performance of your business. That’s why closely monitoring your eCommerce KPIs is vital, which is why we’ve taken a deep dive into how you can do just that. This whitepaper gives a comprehensive view of how you can:

  • Identify the KPIs that are right for you depending on your specific business goals
  • Make constant improvements to the buyer journey with quality product data that will convert browsers to buyers
  • Streamline the way you work with PIM to make significant impacts on your gross profit margin

eCommerce KPIs demonstrate how well your business is performing. They relate to the specific goals of your eCommerce business. Therefore, choosing the right metrics you want to measure is the first step. How you influence these metrics will largely depend on the quality of your product information and digital assets. Not to mention, high-quality product data guarantees quality online experiences which helps move customers down the sales funnel.

Your eCommerce store serves a very specific purpose – to sell your products. To boost your sales, you need to nail your product discovery. After that, customers want to see relevant and engaging product data that gives them the confidence to hit “buy now”.

By closely monitoring your KPIs, you can identify the stages of the buyer journey you need to improve. But, making these improvements can sometimes prove to be a challenge without the right technologies, which is where PIM comes in.

~15 min read (circa 4000 words)

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Choosing the right KPIs for your business

Gain clear insights into the different KPIs you can improve that are aligned with your specific business objectives.

Move your customers through the buyer journey

Leverage product data to engage with and delight your customers at every stage of the buyer journey.

How will PIM help you smash your KPIs?

We’ve laid out all the ways you can utilize a PIM to rapidly move towards your growth targets.

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Access eCommerce KPIs and the Buyer Journey whitepaper for free now: