eCommerce Festive Campaign Checklist

eCommerce Festive Campaign Checklist

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The festive season (Oct- Jan) is the perfect time for eCommerce brands to maximise their sales, but with so many celebrations around the world it can be hard to keep track. We are here to help work your way through the key dates below to finish 2020 on a high!



  • 31 – Halloween

This date can prove to be more of a treat than a trick for retailers, and is definitely a date that see’s a-lot of spooktacular and creative campaigns. This is the perfect opportunity to give your e-store a little make-over, creeping your store looking up to date as it attracts new customers.


  • 05- Bonfire Night

Another great way to fire-up that creativity in your festive eCommerce campaign. Bonfire night (celebrated in the UK) brings people together all over the country watching firework displays and eating toffee apples – its a time that often sparks those nostalgic feels.

  • 11 – Singles Day

Celebrated in China, Singles Day or Double 11 is the unofficial holiday for bachelors that has turned into a day of shopping. Singles over the country will gather and go out to the cinema or restaurants sharing gifts.  Its a great time to localise your data and hit the Chinese market.

  • 13- Diwali

Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, lasting five days is not only a time to celebrate good over evil, it has now become a time where consumers expect to find great deals. The preparation that goes into Diwali sales is comparable to Black Friday celebrated here in the UK and the US.

  • 26- Thanksgiving (US)

Thanksgiving is a huge national holiday in the United States and Canada (different date) celebrating the harvest and blessings over the year. It is a time of year where families and friends exchange gifts and get prepared for the mass sales over the next coming days.

  • 27  – Black Friday

Originally just celebrated in US, Black Friday see’s crazy deals hit our stores and screens in the US, UK and over Europe.  2020 is predicted to see the biggest discounts we’ve seen to date, with experts say we can expect up 90% discounts from some retailers.

  • 28 – Small Business Saturday

Much like Black Friday,  Small Business Saturday see’s mass discounts and an influx of shoppers. However, the main difference is to remind consumers that amongst all the deals from big named brands that small businesses rely on those who shop locally.

  • 30 – Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday or Blue Monday, is Black Fridays online counter part. Over the years the Black Friday deals have moved away from being deals only offered in store to being online making these three days a mass shopping spree.




  • 14 – Green Monday (US)

With only ten days to Christmas, Green Monday (coined by Ebay in 2007) marks one of the retail industry’s most profitable day – it represents the day where many online shoppers rush to get the last minute presents and deals.

  • 18 – Free Shipping Day

Free Shipping Day unsurprisingly is a day where online retailers offer free shipping to customers and guarantee the item to be delivered before Christmas for those last dash shoppers.

  • 18 – Hanukkah

Hanukkah is the Jewish eight-day ‚ festival of lights is celebrated with a nightly menorah lighting, special prayers and fried foods. Hanukkah gift giving rarely extends small gifts to children and food items.

  • 19 – Super Saturday

Super Saturday or Panic Saturday is the last Saturday before Christmas. It is a major day of revenue marking the near close of the festive shopping season. Brands who offer free shipping with a guaranteed delivery before Christmas will reap the benefits of sales from panic shoppers.

  • 24 – Christmas Eve and Christmas

For many Christmas Eve will be the last possible chance to get gifts for the big day. While some still panic buy, others are celebrating Christmas. This is where it is important to localise your campaigns ensuring you aren’t sending last minute Christmas Eve deals to those countries such a Germany, who are celebrating on this date.

  • 25- Christmas

A family focused day; Christmas normally sees a break from the retail craziness and allows companies the chance to gear-up for the upcoming sale season.

  • 31- New Years Eve

The end of the year, and a time to reflect and more importantly for retail the last day to make the final adjustments before the next sale season starts. New Years Day see’s mass discounts in store and online attracts crowds to match.