take pimberly for a test drive using your data – for free!

We’ll accompany you on a free test drive through Pimberly, using your own product data, so you have a clear view of what Pimberly can do for you and your business. we’ll focus on what’s important to you, with you at the controls.

what is a test drive?

After talking through your needs and project goals, we’ll invite you to our brand new Manchester office to give you the full tour of Pimberly. We’ll use your business data so you can see exactly how it will work for you (we’ll ask you to send this a few days ahead of time so we can have everything ready for you).

We’ll take you through migrating and maintaining products, setting up feeds and channels, creating workflows and more. By the end of the day, you’ll have a clear view of exactly how Pimberly can benefit your business.

Pimberly screenshot on mac

what happens on the test drive?

We’ll focus on what’s most important to you, with you pressing the keys, to give you a clear view of what Pimberly will do for you and your business. We’ll also go through:

  • How easy Pimberly is to use.
  • Migrating product data from current sources.
  • Designing a product data structure, including the pros and cons of different options.
  • Getting feeds from internal systems and suppliers.
  • Creating channels to internal systems and routes to market.
  • Using workflows to cleanse data.
  • Managing digital assets.
  • Print (if required).

At Pimberly, we pride ourselves on having an intuitive, user-friendly system, but we’ll be with you throughout the test drive to guide you through the processes and answer any questions you might have.

We hope that by now you’re already pretty sure that Pimberly is the PIM solution for your business, but a test drive with your own product data can offer you:

  • Peace of mind

    See that the system works seamlessly with your data

  • Hands on experience

    So your ready to go from day one

  • Guidance

    From or dedicated specialists

  • See for yourself

    How quickly and easily your business can run

  • Ask

    Opportunity to ask any questions you have

  • have a day out!

    Visit our new offices in the heart of Manchester


If you think Pimberly may be for you and that you would benefit from a test drive, give us a call to talk to one of our specialists about your specific needs. We can arrange a date that suits you to visit, you’ll send some data in advance so everything is ready to go when you arrive.


CALL: 0161 804 1850

EMAIL: sales@pimberly.com