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Accelerate your online sales with the power of product data

Our web demos show you how Pimberly software enables you to:

  • Speed your time to market thanks to powerful automation
  • Boost productivity by streamlining day-to-day operations
  • Collect, enrich and distribute all data and digital assets to your sales channels from one centralised hub
  • Create rich, accurate and always up-to-date product descriptions that will set you apart from the competition

In addition to this, we always tailor our demos to make sure you get a full view of the features and functionalities that will make a tangible difference to your business.

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What our customers say…

After months of research we discovered Pimberly. We managed to double the number of products we sell and divide the time to market by 10 in just a month after deploying Pimberly.


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Pimberly has completely transformed how we customise and enrich our product data.

The software has helped to streamline our data structuring process across all websites, leading to a better user experience for customers

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The Pimberly system has given us trust in our data. All the product information and images transfer with ease into the PIM, so we have one global view of our products.


With Pimberly we are able to get rich data, right the first time. This efficient way of working enables us to reduce errors in the supply chain – holding data on 2.3 million SKUs and getting to market quicker with hundreds of thousands of products, allowing us to remain competitive.


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