Why is PIM Essential for Fashion and Apparel eCommerce Businesses?

The fashion and apparel industry is growing day by day. Customer expectations, trends, and technologies are also constantly evolving. So, in reading this whitepaper, you’ll uncover how Product Information Management (PIM) solutions empower fashion and apparel brands to:

  • Significantly impact the main growth drivers in the fashion and apparel industry. This ranges from speed to market to agile and responsive marketing campaigns
  • Create rich and immersive product experiences that showcase products in an accurate and enticing way that converts browsers to buyers
  • Have the capability to manage complex product data and relationships to deliver intelligent product recommendations and tailored “shop the look” suggestions

~25 min read (circa 8000 words)

Managing large volumes of complex product data, across multiple sales channels and geographies is challenging without the right technologies in place. Not to mention, getting quality product data listed online ahead of the competition is key in gaining vital extra selling days. Fashion and apparel brands must cater to high customer expectations, so there’s no room for inaccuracies or poor site design.

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Reduce costs

Optimize time to market

Extend omnichannel reach

Achieve global growth

Boost customer loyalty

Why is PIM for fashion and apparel essential?

What is it about fashion that makes it such a perfect match for innovative and powerful PIM systems?

How will PIM help you smash your KPIs?

We’ve laid out all the ways you can utilize a PIM to rapidly move towards your growth targets.

How are other fashion brands using PIM?

Real-life examples of leading brands using PIM to transform their eCommerce strategies.

Brands driving growth with Pimberly:

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JD Sports logo
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Bombinate logo
Gill logo
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Access The PIM for Fashion and Apparel whitepaper for free now:

Customers want in-depth product information and a clear view of what products look like before committing to an online purchase. Therefore, having product information in a central location will make the world of difference. You always have full visibility of the accuracy and completeness of product data make. Furthermore, you can give customers high-quality digital assets that leave no room for confusion, helping you drastically reduce return rates.

Overall, Product Information Management (PIM) software gives fashion and apparel brands the ability to transform the way they manage product data. This frees up time to focus on creating amazing online experiences that drive sales and business growth.