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A powerful print solution to simplify and streamline your catalogue publishing process

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Marketing channels have evolved around digital and online platforms, however print remains a key route to market. In fact, many of our 50+ customers still design and produce their won catalogues, and they need fast, efficient tools to help them stay up to date within a changing marketplace


And that’s where MatrixCMS comes in

MatrixCMS frees up designers to create compelling page and web designs, ensuring that data is accurate, websites are updated quickly, production time is reduced and deadlines are met.

Put simply, it’s a powerful publishing solution that allows you to quickly and easily produce your catalogues and other printed material manages the workflow required, as well as enabling digital sign-off of text, images and page proofs, with access rights controlled throughout the system

MatrixCMS is available either fully integrated into Pimberly or as a standalone solution. If integrated, product information and assets are taken directly from Pimberly, so catalogues can be designed ahead of time and easily updated from a centralised, automated system with prices just before printing.

Key features

Familiar Tools

MatrixCMS works with Adobe inDesign, so your designers don’t need to learn new software.

Powerful page mock-up tool

Indexes are automatically generated quickly and easily, then updated at the touch of a button.

Built-in PDF proofing tool

The ability to create PDF proofs ( and to annotate these) makes managing the process of design proofing and sign-off from start to finish hassle-free.

Version control

Retain complete control over your content and track who has made what changes, as well as going back to previous versions.

Powerful page mock-up tool

Allows the page to be briefed visually in either a free form or template design from any location.

Whatever your requirements, MatrixCMS is ideal for improving accuracy, increasing productivity and reducing risk when creating in-house print marketing material.

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