Product Information Management for Distributors

Takeaway :  Getting a PIM to work in a distribution environment is significantly more complicated than it is for a retailer or manufacturer… and Pimberly is ideally placed to help, with simple management of multiple feeds. 

Amongst our customer base is Next, a UK-based clothing, footwear and home products retailer and FTSE 100 company. They turn over ¬£4 billion a year, employ 50,000 people, have 500+ stores nationwide and another 200+ overseas and are the largest clothing retailer by sales in the UK.


As a brand name they’re very impressive, but how difficult is Product Information Management for them? True, they have a number of different size and colour SKUs behind each style of garment, and they sell some furniture in various sizes and finishes, but it’s nearly all their own branded products.

This means they originate all their own product info, and they don’t need data from multiple feeds such as Icecat and CNET. They don’t need to import data from a wide variety of suppliers and when it comes to pushing data out to channels, they have just two; their website and their Next Directory catalogue.

Compare that to a big global distributor; 1,000s of users, multiple geographical locations, 100s of manufacturers’ data feeds, catalogue feeds from companies like CNET and others, plus multiple languages and currencies to deal with. Many distributors need to keep track not just of who changed any product attributes, but also how many sources there are for that data and if the data they’re about to publish is infringing copyright.

The data itself will have many, many more attributes, images, data sheets and videos and when it comes to pushing data to output channels, there’ll be numerous customers’ websites, ERP systems, PIM systems, who will all want different filtered results, with different facets in different formats!

Many PIM suppliers stick with glamorous retail companies, with deep pockets and very simple requirements, but Pimberly can uniquely deal with all the problems mentioned above. The size and complexity of a PIM installation for a distributor presents no obstacle to Pimberly, but even if you only recognise a few of the “pain-points” mentioned above, it’s good to know that with Pimberly, you’ve got a solution, not just for today’s problems but for whatever tomorrow may bring.

Watch our quick video to see how easy importing and managing data can be with the Pimberly PIM Platform