4 Ways to Reduce Time to Market with Pimberly AI

Companies must prioritize efficiency and agility in today’s fast-paced business landscape to stay competitive. If your business is involved in product management and distribution, reducing time to market is crucial. Pimberly, the leading AI-powered product information management PIM/DAM solution, offers innovative features that can significantly accelerate your time to market.

AI is critical in constantly improving manual processes that slow you down, providing the advantage you need to dominate in your markets. Here we explore four ways Pimberly AI can streamline your operations and reduce your time to market.

1) Speed up data enrichment

Data enrichment increases the quality of your product data, providing the most accurate, up-to-date, and relevant information shoppers need to make informed decisions. Because data enrichment calls for ongoing changes, you need a way to speed up your product updates and merge your data with the latest and most accurate information.

Pimberly AI enables intelligent data enrichment, empowering you to quickly and accurately enhance your product information. Using AI for advanced automation, your product information works for you, unlocking the power of information already used in your business.

By enriching and automating your product data using AI in this way makes it smarter and more valuable.

Our AI leverages advanced algorithms to automatically enrich your product data with relevant attributes, descriptions, categorizations, and images. In addition, it can access not only your existing data but the most accurate and up-to-date data available from trusted marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify.

You eliminate the need for manual data entry, saving time and ensuring consistent product information across your entire catalog.

2) Automate workflows

What workflows and processes do you use to get products to market? To remain competitive and consistently be the first to market, you need efficient workflows to speed up your product launches.

Pimberly AI automates specific, monotonous, time-consuming steps in your workflow, implementing seamless collaboration and reducing manual effort across your business. In essence, it breaks down silos that create communication barriers improving flow from department to department.

Automate critical steps that also tend to be the most time-consuming, such as content creation, approval processes, translation, and publishing. Even further, you can use specific actions to trigger workflows and raise red flags with prompts to overcome errors or missteps in the process.

Pimberly empowers your team to focus on strategic initiatives and avoid getting caught up in the minutia of tedious, error-prone tasks. As a result, you reduce time to market by eliminating manual intervention with automated workflows.

Better yet, AI uses machine learning when manual interventions are necessary and absorbs those steps and corrections to avoid future interventions. As a result, your processes are constantly improving, and more manual steps are absorbed by our system so your team becomes faster and faster at new product deployment.

3) Synchronize sales channels

If your strategy includes expansion to new marketplaces and global locations, Pimberly AI enables swift channel syndication. As a result, you can rapidly distribute your product information across multiple sales channels with ready-to-use product information that is formatted, translated, personalized, and ready to upload.

Our PIM effortlessly integrates with various eCommerce platforms, marketplaces, and other sales channels, ensuring your product information accurately represents all touchpoints. Once again, Pimberly leverages AI to automate the syndication process so that you can reach your target audience faster.

You can quickly access the following to synchronize your sales channels:

  • Product descriptions translated or formatted based on the channel or country
  • Pricing based on the currency or varied pricing models suited to each market
  • Measurements based on geo requirements, such as converting inches to centimeters or using Euro sizes versus North American, to avoid customer confusion
  • Digital assets tailored to different markets and demographics while complying with cultural norms
  • Optimized keywords leveraging geo search terms suited to each country or market
  • Image alt text using locally appropriate keywords so customers understand what they’re looking at

4) Gain access to the most intelligent DAM on the market

Your digital assets drive conversions. Pimberly’s PIM/DAM hybrid enables you to manage digital assets efficiently to expedite time to market without sacrificing the quality of your product information. Pimberly’s AI digital asset management capabilities enable seamless organization, retrieval, and distribution of product images, videos, and other media assets.

Through automated tagging, Pimberly categorizes and tags your assets based on content. AI also uses product recognition and data retrieval so you can quickly and accurately create ready-to-edit product descriptions capturing the critical information customers need.

Basically, our AI facilitates quick and accurate search and retrieval, eliminating the time-consuming process of manually tagging assets. As a result, you have faster asset utilization and reduced time to market.

Pimberly AI has proven to be an invaluable tool for our eCommerce clients suffering from time-to-market lags in their processes.

You can gain the same advantages using our AI-powered PIM/DAM. Reach out to our team today to learn how we can help.