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DAM Fine Branding for Fashion & Apparel Businesses

In the world of fashion and apparel, branding can often be the tipping point of whether a customer chooses you or your competitor. That’s why Digital Asset Management (DAM) for fashion and apparel can make a huge difference for businesses in this space. A DAM solution is a central repository where you can store all […]

Clothing Complexities in Fashion & Apparel

The fashion and apparel industry is full of complexities and the pace of change is pretty much unrivaled. The seasonal nature of the fashion and apparel industry means new product launches are commonplace. Products need to be available in different sizes, colors, and styles, which means there are tons and tons of attributes to manage. […]

How to Use Product Enrichment to Achieve Super SEO

Getting your product enrichment right will do wonders for your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. If you’re searching for a product, you don’t want to scroll through countless product listings to find what you want. The reality of online shopping in the current climate is that customers want to find products quickly and easily.   So, […]

PIM for Marketing: What It Can Do for You 

Read time: 6 minutes Product Information Management (PIM) as a marketing tool can sometimes be overlooked when actually, it gives your marketing teams access to a mine of valuable data. Product data is the heart and soul of any successful eCommerce business. Marketers can gain huge benefits from leveraging the power of product data to […]

The Digital Transformation Journey: A Manufacturer’s View

Read time: 4 minutes Regardless of where you’re up to with your digital transformation journey, you need to put your customers at the heart of it. For many manufacturers, the need to digitize processes has been twofold. Streamlining internal processes is clearly a priority, and it can also improve the customer experience you offer. We […]

Say Hello to the Future of Online Payment Methods

Despite the re-opening of physical stores, a lot of consumers are sticking to their online shopping habits. With that in mind, now seems the perfect time to say hello to the future of online payment methods. With digital commerce on the upward trend, nailing the payment experience should be front of mind for all online […]

Data Transparency: Creating a More Sustainable Future

Product data transparency is not only key in creating a more sustainable future, it can also act as a key differentiator. Consumers are savvier than ever and crave more product information. Specifically, sustainability and the carbon footprint of what they’re buying are being factored into purchasing decisions. We’re all well aware that climate change is […]

PIM: An Essential eCommerce Tool for Fashion & Apparel

Product information management (PIM) systems are fast becoming an essential component of the eCommerce stack in the fashion and apparel sector, especially cloud PIM. Trends are constantly changing and customers expect the latest looks, paired with amazing online experiences. Keeping up with super-fast-paced changes is totally manageable when you’ve got powerful data management processes. Pimberly […]

Customer Spotlight: Ellis Brigham

Equipping a new generation to be ready for anything Ellis Brigham is opening up new avenues for a new generation – and payment solutions play a key role. Like other retailers, it was hit hard during the various lockdowns. Luckily, it already had a framework in place for a strong online offering. The team knew […]

PIM vs. Product Content Management

Read time: 5 minutes PIM (Product Information Management) and Product Content Management aren’t to be confused. Both are essential in delivering top-notch online experiences and developing your eCommerce strategy. In this blog, we’re going to outline how to use them in tandem to drive the best possible results.   Let’s start by defining what both PIM […]