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Reducing product returns – prevention rather than cure

Product returns cost retailers globally a whopping $200 billion every year. That’s a lot of money‚ and a huge headache. So, it’s no wonder reducing product returns is a primary concern and a lot of work goes into improving efficiencies around returns. This includes initiatives like cutting delivery costs and simplifying the whole returns process […]

eCommerce Trends to Guarantee Success in 2022 (Part one)

With the New Year underway, we wanted to look at some of the eCommerce trends that will guarantee success in 2022 and beyond. There were over 2 billion digital shoppers in 2021, with sales reaching $876 billion in Q1 alone. This upward wave will continue in 2022, with online sales expected to top $1 trillion […]

eCommerce Trends to Guarantee Success in 2022 (Part two)

What are the key eCommerce trends that will be taking the digital landscape by storm in 2022? Well, look no further! Here are some of the key things you can consider to guarantee eCommerce success this year and beyond. In part one, these are the things we covered off: The rise of D2C Creating a […]

Make Blue Monday Colorful with Amazing Product Pages

January – it’s like the longest Monday ever. The festive break is over, the skies are grey, and it’s cold outside. It’s no wonder there’s a date said to be the most depressing day of the year in January – Blue Monday! So, it’s time to make Blue Monday colorful with amazing product pages. In […]

Boost Online Sales This Holiday Season, Starting with Black Friday

Preparations for Black Friday and the holiday season are in full swing, which means it’s prime time to boost eCommerce sales! Holiday retail sales are set to soar by 7-9% this year, and the average consumer will be spending 20% more than in 2020. The festive period is ripe for gaining new customers. But how […]

Why Time to Market is So Important and How PIM Can Help

Time to Market is how long it takes a business to take a product idea, develop it and have it available to buy on their eCommerce site. The quicker you can get your products to market, the more competitive you can be within your industry. Let’s take a look at how an effective PIM (Product […]

Hyper-Personalization: Using Product Data to Craft Online Experiences

Personalization is an essential eCommerce technique for connecting with consumers. No matter what industry you work in, understanding buyer behavior is crucial to creating personal messages and specific product offerings.  But, with the rapid evolution of technology, consumers have found new ways to shop. As a result, you can unlock new opportunities for analyzing how […]

Infographic: PIM for Powerful eCommerce SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps you increase the visibility of your online store in search engine result pages (SERPs). From backlinking to keyword research and understanding search intent, developing a successful SEO strategy can sometimes feel like spinning plates, and that’s where PIM for eCommerce SEO comes in! That said, tightly managed product data will […]